WICG branding (pronunciation, logo, wordmark...)

Continuing the discussion from Migration in progress:

It seems to me that the first thing needed to replace the Specifiction branding (the banner, shortened banner, and favicon) would be to create a logo and/or wordmark (and other branding assets) for the WICG distinct from the Web Platform “W”.

Also: pronouncing “WICG”. I know the announcement described it as “Why See Gee” (mirroring the WHATWG), but I’m personally pronouncing it as “wickage”. (Obviously, “Why See Gee” would be spelled “YCG”, not “WICG”.)

Also, in terms of the definite article, I’ve been writing it as “the WICG” in my posts, but colloquially, I don’t use “the” and just say “WICG” (and I’m probably going to start doing so in my posts).

Isn’t it the WeeCeeGee? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick mockup:

W3C | Discourse

Classy W3C blue.

When I authenticate with GitHub, I am asked to allow “Specifiction Discourse” to access my account. “Specifiction” looks like a typo. Should that OAuth be updated to match the WICG branding?

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