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Why Maps for HTML?


I gave a presentation on why the Web needs maps in HTML, and why the mapping community should come together to help with that effort. I also wrote a position statement, that will give you an idea of my thinking on the matter. I would greatly appreciate your views on this topic.

The video of the presentation is available


Just a test, seeing if this works like I think it will. Thanks for all your work Peter.


I’m copying over some of the links and comments from the live gitter chat during the workshop.

First, Simon Pieters @zcorpan reminded us to all fill out the MDN Web-DNA Survey.


Bryan Haberberger (@thehabes) posted in the live chat: One of the hardest things I have ever had to work with is arrays in HTML attributes…that is what I fear about lat/long attributes

Peter Rushforth (@prushforth) replied: At least they’re named lat and lon!

Bryan Haberberge: That’s true…does order matter :slight_smile:

Peter Rushforth: Exactly! Kind of stops there, though.


My own response: Yes, since the order of lat & lon coordinates is so contentious in the geo world, I think it’s a good thing that a markup approach supports named attributes, and you can order those attributes either way.

The downside, of course, is that this doesn’t expand well to long sequences of coordinates, e.g., for a polygon. So any standardization decision will need to be made nonetheless…


Hi Peter, Just checking that Discourse works through my work firewalls etc (I cannot access Gitter, for example, because of corporate security policy). Also checking that my low res presentation made it through to your work email. The ‘normal’ presentation bounced as too big. Cheers, and speak tomorrow, Chris


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