Warn user if caps lock is on when entering password

Specifically when creating a new account, this could cause issues later when signing in. Although it’s possible to do this in JS, it would be great to see this implemented by vendors, as I’ve personally never seen this been implemented.

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Edge does this :slight_smile:

Well, we found the one thing that Microsoft is ahead of other browsers on.

Yes, this would be useful. Major browsers usually provide a tooltip or balloon help box for invalid input and an icon to increase/decrease number inputs so a lock icon in the input box indicating Caps Lock, perhaps with a tooltip stating “Caps Lock is on” would be a good idea to help users. This is an internet technology discussion website though, not a browser features forum, so users should review the comments made on this topic and send feature requests to the browsers.

Like @Edward_J mentioned, this is indeed a browser user interface choice (or limitation) and nothing to be standardized. Chrome on macOS also does this. Chrome on Windows and Linux does not do that, but only due to prioritization, not due to a deliberate design choice not to do this.