Vector Tiling on SVGMap

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I am implementing heterogeneous vector tiling method in SVGMap which is maybe not yet known in geo community. Though, it already has a practical use for more than five years, and I think that method is effective.

Therefore I think that it is meaningful for you to recognize it for the advancement of web and geo technology and standards.

The method is explained in the slides below.

Of course I implemented it as open source.


Hello folks.

I wrote short papers for the Maps for the Web workshop. One of them is an analysis and proposals on tiling architecture and standards. The link to the paper is mentioned in my position statement, but this is a direct link.

I would expect the workshop to be attended by technicians with an interest and knowledge of map tiling. And, I would be very happy if we could then have an in-depth discussion on this topic.




Both of these papers are amazing and OGC folks and Web mappers should dive into them, in this order: SVGMap, then Quad Tree Vector Tiling. The strong encapsulation of layer semantics into SVG/HTML/JS/CSS bundles makes this a natural partner for the <layer src="url"> proposal of MapML.

Regarding Quadtree Vector Tiling, it seems to make a lot of sense that tiling should take advantage of the vector nature of the data source, and not be bound by less efficient regular grids; the logic of the quadtree tiles being encapsulated in the SVGMap payloads is an elegant architecture, based on existing standards.

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Thank you very much for the introduction to the paper outlines.

Here are links to the two papers.

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The video of Peter introducing Takagi-san’s papers is now up.

One relevant comment came in the live chat:

I have put the following ISSUE in place to work with OGC.