URL scheme for IBAN / BIC details and SWIFT payments


Paypal has a handy way to enable money transfers, <paypal.me/{account}/{amount}>. The .com domain can do the same with more features (non-default currency, description etc.) but less friendly URLs. I wish this was possible for SWIFT payments and your existing domain names which have been linked to an IBAN (and perhaps implied BIC), like so:

  • swift://example.org/123.45 pay Example 123.45 in their default/local currency
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR … in Euro (ISO 4217)
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/2018-10-01 … on 1 October this year in their default/local timezone (ISO 8601 date)
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/2018-10-01T12Z … at 12:00:00 UTC (ISO 8601 time)
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/R/ … make it a recurring payment (ISO 8601 repeating interval)
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/R12/ … ending after 12 payments
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/R12/P1M … make it monthly (ISO 8601 time interval)
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/R12/2018-10-01 … beginning on 1 October again
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/R12/P1M/2018-10-01 … those combined
  • swift://example.org/123.45EUR/R12/P1M/2019-09-30 … ending next year at the end of September

Clicking such a link or discovering it through a QR code etc. would open up the userʼs default (and trusted) online banking app or website with the payment details already filled in, just waiting for the credentials.

I know there are other payment APIs, but they seem to be focused on or are even restricted to B2C e-commerce scenarios.

Iʼm not sure how to add notes and other information into the URL: path, query or fragment.

I donʼt care whether the scheme is swift, iban, pay, finance, money or something else.