Upcoming Migration

Hi all!

This is an advance warning that this site will soon be migrating to a new URL. You do not yet need to do anything, but please be aware of the coming move so that you aren’t surprised. We will keep you up to date.

The initial set up on specifiction.org a few months ago was meant as an experiment. I would say it has been successful — thank you all! But it has also outlined some pitfalls:

  1. It is running on a relatively measly server by yours truly, and I am not always around to fix things when they go wrong. This has lead to some downtime.
  2. There is currently no HTTPS. That is bad.
  3. When discussions go well and reach the stage where they could become a real proposal for a new standard, it sometimes happens that there is no existing place to take that proposal to. That can stop a good idea in its tracks.
  4. People don’t understand the name, think it is a typo, etc.

We are addressing all of these issues by moving to https://discuss.webplatform.org/. This will provide a solid server set up handled professionally, it comes with WebPlatform’s memorable name and HTTPS certificate. And we have something in the cards to handle point 3 above — stay tuned.

All the content will be migrated over and your logins should Just Work™. Don’t hop over there just yet, though, as the new embodiment is not yet fully-functional.

I’ll let you know as the situation evolves.

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Robin: Will you manage the redirections and for how long?

Yes, I plan to set up redirection. I’m keeping the specifiction.org name for my own purposes and my server has been up for over a decade. I see no reason for the redirections to stop while I’m alive :smile:

It’s been about a month and a half - any progress?

It’s technically pretty much ready, we’re still discussing some issues with WebPlatform. At least you won’t be able to say you weren’t given fair warning :wink:

So is the WebPlatform location not happening, in light of WICG?