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Transferring Frame Timing, Server Timing, Network Error Logging, Reporting API’s from WebPerf to WICG


The W3C WebPerf working group has been incubating a number of specifications, which we’d like to propose to transition to WICG for wider review, feedback, etc. Specifically…

Frame Timing

This specification defines an interface for web applications to access runtime performance information of the browser event loop, enabling them to identify and fix issues that cause delayed rendering, processing of input, and other critical work necessary to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience.

Server Timing

This specification introduces Server Timing, which enables the server to communicate performance metrics about the request-response cycle to the user agent, and a JavaScript interface to enable applications to collect, process, and act on these metrics to optimize application delivery.


This document defines a generic reporting framework which allows web developers to associate a set of named reporting endpoints with an origin. Various platform features (like Content Security Policy, Network Error Reporting, and others) will use these endpoints to deliver feature-specific reports in a consistent manner.

Network Error Logging

This document defines a mechanism that enables developers to declare a network error reporting policy for a web application. A user agent can use this policy to report encountered network errors that prevented it from successfully fetching requested resources.

None of the above have been implemented in any browser. That said, some (e.g. Reporting, NEL) may see that change very soon (with my optimist hat on :-)).

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We’d gladly take this specs. I think they would all make great additions to the web and would certainly like to see them incubated further, and hopefully implemented in browsers!


Awesome! We’ll kick off the repo transfers… :+1:


The repos have been transferred.


\o/ … thanks Philippe!