Thoughts on moving proposals to a GitHub repo?

The chairs have been wondering if it would make sense to move the proposal process from here to GitHub.

I’d like to gather thoughts from y’all on that front: Are you more likely to propose and provide feedback on other proposals over on Github? Less likely? Same?

Please chime in! :slight_smile:


I like the idea of having a low-friction space to informally discuss early stage ideas.

It’s not really clear what “move to GitHub” really means. Will it use their new ‘Discussions’ feature? Do we file issues for proposals? Do we have to make a PR? If the latter I think that would add too much friction to the process. It should be like a simple forum where you have a decent chance of getting good comments from passers-by.


To me, they are currently very different things with different qualities - I’m not sure I can provide an honest answer. I will personally participate in approximately the same way whether this is on gh, or a mailing list, or over here - but the discourse wasn’t about me it was about separating expectations and having a noisy and very open channel that is designed to serve that kind of need -gives you the tools for discussion, discoverability, search, thematic tagging, subscription, administration and so on. It’s possible, I suppose to achieve many of the same things via gh, but it changes several aspects of the equation too, so idk.

Yes, please. Easier to cross-reference and perform cross-repo searches, and no need to repeat everything when a proposal “graduates” from incubation to a formal proposals.