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The name of DOMMatrix is out of place?


So, DOMMatrix (and the other geometry classes) are intended to be generic. So, then DOM seems out of place when, for example, using DOMMatrix in a WebGL application because there is no DOM inside a WebGL context.

I think better names would be TransformationMatrix, AffineMatrix, Matrix3D, or similar.

Calling it a DOMMatrix is like calling it a WebGLMatrix then using that to manipulate CSS transforms, which isn’t WebGL.


It might be a technicality similar to DOMString; implementation details specify it must be UTF-16, so runtimes that don’t internally represent strings that way must convert their strings to a DOMString first before interacting with DOM interfaces.

And for the matrix:

interface DOMMatrix : DOMMatrixReadOnly {
    [NewObject] static DOMMatrix fromMatrix(optional DOMMatrixInit other);
    [NewObject] static DOMMatrix fromString(DOMString transformList);
    [NewObject] static DOMMatrix fromFloat32Array(Float32Array array32);
    [NewObject] static DOMMatrix fromFloat64Array(Float64Array array64);
/* And so on... */

Additionally, it looks like SVG2 will also use DOMMatrix, which might be another reason for the generic name.


@Tigt But I feel that DOMMatrix simply isn’t generic enough. It makes sense if you’re working with DOM, but not if it is being used inside Canvas 2D or WebGL contexts.