The “It’s been a while…” warning seems to be incorrect

The user has been active on the forum recently, but the warning at the top says that they weren’t.

See here: Drag to scroll - A simple way to scroll sideways on desktop

Hi, I work on the Discourse team (we don’t directly manage this site, but we’re interested in the discussion) — I think this is working as we intended, but could be misunderstood…

The message is meant to indicate that the specific post (“Trello is a popular application where…”) is the first that user has made in a while. In this case it looks like this is the first post Kevin has made since November 2018.

By default this message is shown when there’s a posting gap of 120 days.

Ah, I see.

The notification is definitely ambiguous. My interpretation is that it says that the user has last been seen on this forum 8 months ago, and not since.

I can see how that seems ambiguous now that you mention it. Maybe we can be a little more specific with our text.