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:target CSS does not work because shadowRoot does not set a target element


When you click on anchor element like this <a href="#location"> document set a target element internally, activating :target pseudo selector.

This does not happen when your :target element is inside a shadowRoot link to bug.

It turns out that is not a bug and they are following the spec.

In my opinion this is a limitation and ultimately css should work everywhere independently where are used.

At least we should allow shadowRoot to define a target element like document does.

let template = `
		<a href="#location">location-1</a>
		<h2 id="location">title-1</h2>

		#location:target {
			background-color: yellow;

customElements.define('my-component', class myElement extends HTMLElement {
	constructor() {
		let shadowRoot = this.attachShadow({ mode: 'open' });
		shadowRoot.innerHTML = template;
		window.addEventListener('popstate', function () {
			shadowRoot.targetElement = document.targetElement;

Note that this is a temporary WontFix until Tab, Domenic, etc. chime in. The CSS :target selector was defined before web components were a thing, so now the CSS WG has to decide how existing CSS features fit into this.

On the surface, :target should work inside shadow DOM, unless there’s a good reason not to, of course.


Aaah I thought they were not going to fix it. Good to know :).