Spec for responsive image Client Hints

The responsive image client hints were originally defined as a part of the HTTP Client Hints specification. Later, they moved to a PR to HTML. However, when that PR was killed and the integration between Client Hints and HTML/Fetch moved to a dedicated spec, they didn’t make the jump, and are currently spec-less.

I’ve spun up a spec for them: https://eeeps.github.io/responsive-image-client-hints/

Feedback more than welcome!

Also: perhaps this should be published within the WICG org?

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Thank you for writing the spec! With my chair hat off, I’m strongly in favor of moving it to WICG

I believe we have sufficient interest to move this. Eric, can you work with Yoav to move in to WICG?

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The repo is now at https://github.com/WICG/responsive-image-client-hints

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