Setting up proper redirection for


I am Arpit Jalan, Intern at Discourse.

I noticed that points to the same Discourse instance as that of, the drawback of this approach is that cookies are not shared between these instances, and user needs to login again in case he switches instance.

The best approach would be to explicitly redirect -->

I highly recommend that we set-up proper redirection, I recently wrote a howto for doing this:

Let me know if I can help in any way, always happy to help you guys! :smile:


I am looking into setting that up properly and will get back to you as soon as I’ve had a chance to try it out (I hope tomorrow).

Many thanks for reaching out to offer help!

Related question: we are considering moving this site to another domain in order to consolidate with the rest of the stuff. Do you see issues with doing that? (Apart from having to update the keys for all the login services)

Thanks again!

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Nope, there will not be any issues while moving domain, in fact we have a how-to topic for doing this:

I will be more than happy to assist with this process, just let me know when should we proceed with this.

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Robin just informed me of this thread. I’ll keep it in my bookmark and update it as soon as I have progress.

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Wait, huh? This forum’s been available via since August 2014? I thought WICG was only founded in July? Did somebody do a find+replace on all the site’s history records to replace all instances of with :astonished:

(If so, why wasn’t it changed in this thread? I know the name in the title was wrong, but later replies spelled it correctly - they should have resulted in a replacement, too.)

That piece of weirdness aside, this is still an issue, as still serves the same content as under different domains - apart from cookies not being shared between domains, not having proper redirection for canonicalization hurts search rankings (and is going to break inbound links if/when is replaced with a new site having different content).

It also breaks third-party authentication.