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Serving staitc files and common objects by the browser instead of the website


I am a Python Developer (I worked in the web area for more than 18 years), recently, I and my team were thinking of a trasformation of the web browsers, in a way that the web browsers take up the heavy duty from the sholders of developers, this is regarding the following common objects:

  • Countries list (could be provided by the browser as how the color picker provided).
  • Languages List (same as Countries List)
  • Color picker with advanced settings (like how in DevTools).
  • static files of common opensourced libs/frameworks (all LTS versions of each lib/framework).
  • …etc imagine this implemented correctly, we can save the earth from carbon emission that caused by the huge data trafficing, and the huge need of CDNs, website owners will spent less (indirectly) on these things, and the UX and the Performance of a website will become greater, without the need of the caching issues, and many more other benefits.

this is a free gift idea, in deed, if the current browsers don’t implement this soon, we may build a new browser that solves all these and maybe more issues related to PWA