Select should render the same with or without the multiple attribute

The select is a drop-down list of choices/options, however it’s no longer a “drop-down” list when using the multiple attribute. IMO, the select should render the same, with or without the multiple attribute, the only difference should be the ability to choose multiple options with the multiple attribute. Much cleaner. Why over-complicate?

If <select multiple> was a drop-down, the user would have to click twice to select each option. The way browsers have implemented it, the user has to only click once (while holding a modifier key, if necessary).

How browsers implement <select multiple> varies. For example, on Android <select multiple> renders the same on the page as <select>, and clicking it opens a modal dialog where it displays each item along with a checkbox.

@simevidas The current rendering of select with multiple looks bad, compared to the simplicity of the drop-down. Have one rendering for select, the drop-down, then if using multiple, just change the behavior/functionality to allow the user to choose multiple options without the select closing after each selected option as it currently does,

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