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“seek bar” in audio/video player


I implement audio/video player and always considering “what is the best element/role for seek bar ?”.

What I said in “seek bar” is below.

It shows current time of playing audio/video, and use can change the playing position with dragging or clicking.

as Progressbar

You can say its a “Progress Bar” and use <progress> or role=progress would fit for this. But progressbar is basically a indicator and not a controller. in aria spec, role=progressbar says that

It is not possible for the user to alter the value of a progressbar because it is always readonly.

So if seek bar is not draggable, it seems fine. but it basically druggable.


If implement it as a controller, <input type=range> or role=slider seems fit for this. But semantically, it is an input controller which value is changing dynamically. So there are no mention about progress update to the user. I think part of them are complemented by aria attributes, but it’s not progressbar.

my consideration

I thinks it’s better to use slider than progressbar basically. but if there are a role which is kind of role=(progressbar + slider), say its basically controller which has botton to slide to change current value but also tell the user a progress updates.

seekbar in the wild




any comments are welcome.