Script-Based Accessibility for Web Applications

Browser-based applications need an API to use the accessibility features of modern operating systems, and to manage input across a wide array of devices (touch, mouse, keyboard, pen, voice, etc.). Accessibility in browsers is enabled today by putting markup in web content, but this approach can be difficult for app developers to apply in practice.

The intent of this work is to take different APIs that are under development for this purpose, specifically Microsoft WAPA proposal, the Mozilla Web Accessibility API project, and the IndieUI Events draft, and native platform APIs and work toward a single specification, guidance for mapping to platform APIs, and suggestions to platform implementers on how to fill holes in those APIs.

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Did you mean to post this here?

It looks a little like a proposal for a W3C community group?

It’s work intended for incubation in the wicg. Sorry, meant to edit that bit about it being a community group. fixed it.

Sure wasn’t nit picking, just wasn’t sure on the direction this was intended somewhat.

The IndieUI work seems mostly current despite it’s slow progress. Are you suggesting that it needs to merge with the other work mentioned?

Yes, we expect IndieUI to lose it charter soon. Some of the participants from that work are involved in this effort. WAPA draft to follow… I’m still figuring out markdown and posting procedures.

This proposal recognises a real problem, and it seems like a good approach to finding a more efficient and practical way to implement accessibility support.

This is something I’d be interested in working on.

Considerable work has obviously gone into this proposal already. I’m guessing there is interest from others in taking this forward?

If that’s the case, is it too early to start looking at how we can get the analysis of the three approaches underway, or are there steps between here and there do you think?

I don’t think it’s too early at all :smile: We have some time set aside at TPAC to talk about this. Do you have any initial thoughts on the various proposals?

I’m curious, was the smiley face accessible?