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Screen Share API?


Google Hangouts has an unfair advantage on the web. Google pre-installs their own extension that gives their webapp/web site an advantage. We can’t make users download an extension (Chrome), especially on Android.

The web needs a standard API for screen sharing so that large corporations play on the same field as regular startups.

What does the community think of a standard screen sharing API? My opinion is that it is foolish to make users download an extension with a single purpose “Screen Share”. Not only does it increase complexity to use the app, it provides no significant security/privacy benefits. Malicious extensions and apps roam around the Play Store and Chrome Extension store freely, while legitimate dev’s are concerned.

I’m not good at drafting API’s for the web, so some expert would be better suited for this, but as a dev I’m giving my opinion.


getUserMedia should unlock the capability to capture the screen as well through the screen capture extension. It’s already being worked on.