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Responsive image client hints - call for review


My employer (Cloudinary) is hoping to update our server-side implementation of the responsive image client hints, which has fallen behind recent changes to the spec.

We are also hoping that Chrome can update their client-side implementation of the hints soon, which, at the very least, will need to be renamed (DPRSec-CH-DPR) to be brought in line with the spec.

Ideally, everyone’s building against a well-considered, widely-reviewed spec. Most of the issues on the spec right now are me posing and pondering questions to myself. So:

  1. Cloudinary (and I personally) would love to see implementation movement on this spec soon
  2. I, personally, would love to have more eyes and minds on the spec before any engineering cycles are spent on updating implementations to match it.

Please review!


Renaming to Sec-CH-* is in progress in Chrome, as I have learned earlier this week from Yoav Weiss.