Request for feedback: async ImageData conversion API

I’ve drafted a proposal for asynchronous conversions between Blob, Image and ImageData:

I’ve been asked what the potential use cases are for this on real-world sites. I don’t really know beyond my own, but perhaps others here have feedback on use cases (or any other aspect of the spec draft).

In general this is aimed at providing an async alternative for getImageData/putImageData, which are synchronous and sometimes very slow (100ms+), which causes UI jank. Also if you need to batch-convert Blobs to ImageData, the async methods allow it to be parallelised and use multiple cores, improving performance.

Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback.


Use case: the only way to display BPG images is with a JavaScript decoder, but the filesize savings are worth it. For pages with lots of images, this should give them a nice kick in the performance pants.

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That’s an interesting use case, but it’s not immediately clear to me how this proposal would help with the BPG Javascript decoder. I’ve read it decodes BPG to a and replaces the tag with the canvas. I guess it needs to call putImageData() at some point, but this proposal doesn’t provide an alternative to that (making an async putImageData is hard, because it would race with other synchronous draw commands). I guess you could use the toBlob() method to convert to a format the browser does understand and set the image src to that, is that what you were thinking?

Half-baked, pet-project use case – this would make fooling with Laplacian pyramids for responsive images (inspired by Yoav’s proposal) a little easier, and it would make such a thing much more palatable if it ever made it to production.

A more realistic use case might be things like Photoshop in the browser.

What about doing this with asm in a Worker?

One of the goals of the spec is to reduce intermediate copies of data to keep the peak memory usage down. A canvas in a worker seems like it would require an intermediate copy. Also Blob is not currently transferrable, and HTMLImageElement is unlikely to ever be transferrable.

Ah, yeah, you’re right. I was mistaken about how the decoder worked.