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[Proposal] Web App Scope Extensions


Hello WICG,

We would like to propose a new scope_extensions web app manifest member that enables web apps to extend their scope to other origins.


Developers want to create a web app that includes content from more than one origin. They are unable to do so according the current web app manifest specification (using the scope member).

Websites commonly structure their content using different sub-domains. An example of this is to structure a username or organization’s name as a sub-domain (eg. jsmith.example.com). Another example of this is using a sub-domain that indicates language or locale (eg. en.example.org).

It is also common for websites to use different TLD for users in different geo. locations (eg. .fr, .de, .cn).

It is also common for websites to navigate to third-party content (such as for authentication) before bringing them back.

In the above scenarios, a similar web app cannot declare a scope to include content on the other origins. An app window that navigates to content out of scope should apply a different UI treatment.


We propose a new web app manifest field scope_extensions and the use of a previously published association file format to enable web apps to extend their scope to other origins.

More details can be found in this explainer .

Thank you for your consideration.