[Proposal] User Locale Preferences


“Find a reliable way to access user OS preferences to craft a better user experience, and improve accessibility over the web”

User preferences are often system-wide settings (such as in Android, macOS, or Windows). Operating systems allow the user to specify custom overrides for settings such as:

  • Hour cycle (24-hour or 12-hour time)
  • Calendar system
  • Measurement unit preferences (metric or imperial)
  • Date/time patterns
  • Number separators (comma or period)

However, there’s currently no reliable way to access this information from the Web Platform to help craft better user experiences. Allowing web developers to access this information would allow them to improve the accessibility and usability of their websites, and bring the user experience of web applications closer to that of native applications.


I welcome feedback in this thread but encourage you to file bugs against the Explainer.

Open proposal issue explainer

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I support this as per my feedback on the WICG proposals thread.

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