Proposal: Supporting window placement on multi-screen devices

Existing web platform APIs were built for single-screen devices (e.g. a computer with one monitor); and today, web applications lack fundamental support for windowing in modern multi-screen environments.

I’m working on a pair of proposals that aim to explore this space and address some critical gaps:

  • Screen Enumeration aims to improve the Web platform’s offering of window.screen.
    • Expose a list of available screen objects, not just the one hosting the center of your content.
    • Expose additional properties on the Screen interface to better explain the available space.
  • Window Placement aims to improve, window.moveTo, and related API surfaces.
    • Improve implementer consistency around window creation and movement
    • Enable use cases that make windowing compelling for devs and helpful for users.

Please share your feedback to help us improve these aspects of the web platform; thank you!