[Proposal] Proprietary Cohort Generation

This proposal aims to provide a solution that will enable proprietary grouping of users into cohorts based on their browsing behavior in a way that addresses both marketer needs as well as the privacy and security concerns of sharing data with non-permissioned recipients.

A few key points:

  • Website owners opt-in to cohort participation with a Cohort Provider
  • A Cohort Provider provides a classification algorithm to the browser
  • The browser executes the classification algorithm in a private enclave
  • classification algorithm provides browser with a cohort id
  • browser ensures the provided cohort represents a minimum number of users
  • browser exposes cohort ID to the page

Full details can be found on github.

If there is interest, Iā€™d like to further flush out and then hopefully prototype this solution to see if it could provide a more private and useful alternative to FLoC.


Agree that prototyping is important to flushing out issues.