[Proposal] New Inflation Element

Thanks Garbee

All criticisms and comments below on problem statement are welcome. This initiative if scaled and debated can be ground breaking.

Problem statement

Currently there are no Web HTML elements that allow Bots or crawlers to help identify how organizations can react on a global scale for issues such as INFLATION. The Ecommerce nature of the internet can be expanded by including some descriptive Meta-data for headers on Web Pages.

The Below Element <head> <meta charset=“UTF-8”> <meta name=“Inflation” content=“HTML”> </head>

///The above metadata means the siteowner can be charged xxx of a cent for Inflation purposes. Hope this is clear and is not thought of as an private industry standard to be adopted but rather a change that W3c Can participate in.



How would that element be used? Could you provide an example syntax?

Usage example

I’m not seeing the example.

What does inflation have to do with the price of something on sale? First let’s define a clear problem with how the web currently works in this realm. Solutions can then be proposed and debated once the core issue has been well defined.

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Thanks Garbee

All criticisms and comments below on problem statement are welcome. This initiative if scaled and debated can be ground breaking.

Problem statement

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Apologies.I am not sure whether there is a limit on the Post as I am using my Email to compose the response. Do you see my email now?

Thanks Garbee

All criticisms and comments below on problem statement are welcome. This initiative if scaled and debated can be ground breaking.

Problem statement

No. I’m not sure what email client you’re using, but it’s probably best to just compose your response in the browser.

I have changed the Original Content to reflect an abstract of what the problem statement can be. All Comments are welcome. Hope to debate this.

I have made a conscious effort to re-write the posting on the original problem statement. All comments are welcome

Looking at your updated post, I’m still not seeing the core problem clearly described. You are just saying “Inflation is a problem, let’s make an element so site owners can be charged.” Which, in itself makes no sense.

Could you give an example scenario in which two business entities are conducting a transaction and inflation needs to be taken into account? This would help elaborate how this kind of thing could work to benefit the web. As it is, you’re just asking for something without any supporting facts to show there is an issue without it. E-commerce is one of the reasons the web has grown the way it has and inflation is hardly new. If there were a core problem needing this it probably would have come up by now.

Problem statement

INFLATION is a common root cause affecting every human and affects every country globally,

Inflation is not new and has been around . This proposal is to make the internet prepare itself to react instantly as a first responder to any immediate crisis .

Your requested Example scenario

Based on your previous response.this comment is not likely to transcend into 2 business entities conducting a transaction where the proposed element will help. Instead please consider this example below.

The solution I am asking to debate is to allow website owners to add <head>** <meta char set=“UTF-8”> <meta name=“Inflation” content=“HTML”> **</head>on their websiteso that bots /Crawlers when crawling for content will identify this Meta Element’s value and charge website owners an X amount .

This proposed charge will therein act as a secondary currency for any e-commerce transaction in an affected country. When there is an international crisis, this proposed secondary currency(acting as a first responder) will attach itself to any point of sale for common commodities which are of a basic nature. It is assumed that the collected charge is governed by an registered Enttiy(could be a nonprofit entity) .

Hope this is beginning of the debate.

Recent Example

Zimabwae had a huge inflation crisis. Common commodiates prices went very high. The proposed approach would have acted on every point of sale on the internet in zimbabwae and reduced the price of common commodities by acting at a discounted price.


Crawlers to crawl for this HTML verbiage and charge website owners to allow a governing body to extend a reaching hand to moderate inflation via first responder currency.

Inflation doesn’t really affect most people daily. It may in certain countries with highly volatile currency, but in general inflation is mostly a background processing issue in the currency system.

Your summary doesn’t make any sense. Bots can’t just crawl any given site and then pull money from a website owner. This is entirely insecure and unsafe. Plus, who is overseeing these “governing bodies” that would supposedly take the charge? What affects do these “governing bodies” have on emergency situations?

If you’re unable to provide a clear step by step scenario which analyzes how this takes effect and give some rudimentary thought towards the security issues that need to be dealt with, this is dead in the water. There is nothing in this proposal that is actionable.

Thanks Garbee

For the sake of arguing i will limit my case that Inflation is an issue in every volatile country. your point is excellent, inflation is a missing representation in the background of a Currency system. Please note in the previous post, there is no suggestion for a Bot to charge money, therein no security concerns.

a) the bots I quote of are all search engine bots. Citing the example of this link (https://css-tricks.com/snippets/html/meta-tags-for-instructing-search-bots/), Google or other search engine bots in addition to their crawls will also look for the value inflation. The charge to the Owner is not through the element;s representation but that it will be a process evolving post that elements representation i.e like a recurring monthly charge via the ISP. that is a complete debate in itself.

b) i am emphasising that Internet needs Metadata(Maybe even HTML Elements) for common country causes such as INFLATION, .I am hoping that this verbiage can be designed as an Meta tag value which can help bots become more aware of what causes a website signifies.HTML does not only need to render meaningful content, it can also have elements signifying large scale issues.

c) as I pictured this path I envisioned that a first responder currency would have been a business case for these meta tag values which would have acted upon every internet’s point of sale…

I don’t have a better step by step representation example, as detailed in step b) it should be sufficient to ponder upon.i dont quite see any security concern with such an approach.

if I don’t make sense, then I will see if I can bring a fresh look at this problem below by circling back with a very better argument in a few weeks or months if not I agree its dead in the water. Thanks for your time.