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[Proposal] Multiple permisson request API


Currently on the web we have to individually ask for permissions. Such as geo-location, push notification, RequestFileSystem (seriously?), Camera, Microphone, Ambient Light. As a user and a developer it becomes increasingly annoying that I have to accept every permission request manually on web apps that I use.

Web applications should have the ability to request multiple permissions at once and that user can accept all at once or deny individually. This is a nice thing to have, and can improve the UX on the web. No privacy is leaked, but instead UX get better.


You might want to check out ongoing work on the Permissions API. There is an open issue about requesting multiple permissions at once, although it might be something that could be handled without changing the APIs, just letting browsers wrap up multiple requests into a single UI, see issue 92.

I think there may be some challenges in explaining to users/overwhelming users, but that would be a good place to discuss that.