[Proposal] Make favicon react on OS' color scheme switching

There should be a way to make favicon react on theme switching. Current list of media queries supported by meta attribute doesn’t include prefers-color-scheme query. It could be solved from a script, but it is non-optimal.


Dark and especially black favicons became unrecognizable in dark mode.


Add prefers-color-scheme into list of queries supported by icon’s media attribute.

FWIW, I have filed a feature request for this at https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=970159.

Thanks. They have one more issue: several favicons passed with a page lock the ability of the tab to change favicon with changing order of the <link> element inside of a <head>. This bug passes away after page reloading. So it seems to be a very rare bug.

I have no registration on chromium’s bug tracker. Could you file it?

This is already possible by using SVG favicons. The point is making SVG the default format for favicons.

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Such change is fixing inconsistency of the media query support regardless to favicon format. And yes, you are right about SVG. Unfortunately it’s still a candidate.