[proposal] list head/caption/title


Aside from leaving important document text outside of the document, this approach would not allow list titles to include superscripts, italic text, language information, or anything else. I don’t think that’s an acceptable limitation.


I have some examples from the world of books. This is from 9781118987209 Substation Automation Systems: Design and Implementation (available in print, EPUB, and PDF). "image

This is currently encoded as (with some CSS): <h2>B.1 General Interest Drawings</h2> <ul class=“none”> <li>Project drawing list:<ul> <li>Drawing names</li> <li>Drawing numbers</li> <li>Date of issue and version</li> <li>Size of drawing format (A0, A3, …)</li> <li>Number of pages</li></ul></li>…

I am sure that others in the wide-world of publishing can provide more examples.

It would be better if “Project drawing list” could be tagged as <listTitle> or similar.


Would anyone who thinks this may be handleable with an <h> be willing to collect and add use case examples to https://github.com/bkardell/outline/tree/master/use-cases and consult on a fork of one of the speculative polyfills that would work as you see it?


I’ve been enjoying this discussion.

Here is a speculative polyfill for the speculative lt element @SteveF has sketched out.


@jonathantneal Thanks for the innovation. Though I’m not sure if it is a good approach to associate list head with list by using aria-labelledby and then apply aria-hidden="true" on list head.


Hi all. In the past, I thought there couldn’t be an use case for “list head”. But recently in a project which I’m being involved in, I found a case which could probably be such an use case.

The case I’m referring to is: Sublists in mega menus. A mega menu is a big-sized dropdown menu that usually consists of two or more sublists. For design examples, please see this webdesign page and this webdesign page.

As you can see from those examples, each mega menu consists of several sublists, and each sublist has a name above it. Those sublist names reminded me of “list head” proposed at here.

The project which I’m being involved in uses WP Engine as its CMS. And the HTML code of the mega menu it generates makes each sublist name a a hyperlink. In other words, WP Engine is using <a href=""></a> tag to markup the sublist names.

So I think the thing which is worth evaluating is: Can those sublist names be considered as “list head”? If they can, then it might be okay to come up with an appropriate HTML tag for such a purpose.


I used aria-hidden because the list count otherwise included the title, like:

List, The Three Nephews, 4 items. The Three Nephews. Huey. Dewey. Louie.


This is a pretty old ask, i don’t recall anyone linking this yet but, from the 3rd quarter of 95 at least… http://1997.webhistory.org/www.lists/www-html.1995q3/0295.html

Has anyone else had a chance to have a look at @jonathantneal’s linked work?


Not much available to look at there. I get a 403 when I click through to review the attributes.


What would be the appropriate next step for this? We have examples, a specification, a speculative polyfill, and we can contrast a list heading from a sectional heading.


Browser interest, unfortunately.


An intermediate step would be showing really big take-up of the polyfill - and / or of others that provide the same functions.

Which means trawling through web crawls. That’s hard work, but not a bad idea.