[Proposal] Further work on Encrypted Media Extensions

We have several items of work related to the Encrypted Media Extensions which are ready for an incubation activity in WICG.

I propose we work independently on the following three items:

  • Persistent Usage Record, as proposed in [1]
  • HDCP detection, as proposed in [2]
  • Encryption scheme capability detection, as proposed in [3]

In order for these items to progress independently, I believe we should address them in separate repos.

Does anyone have other EME-related items they believe are ready for incubation ?

If there is support, could I ask the WICG chairs to create repositories for us to progress this work ?

… Mark Watson

[1] https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/mwatson2/encrypted-media/blob/v2firstdraft/index.html [2] https://github.com/WICG/media-capabilities/blob/master/eme-extension-policy-check.md [3] https://github.com/joeyparrish/encrypted-media-encryption-scheme/blob/draft/explainer.md

I think all three of these proposals have merit and are logically defined. The Persistent Usage Record spec works best in the context of other EME requirements, and so is best proposed and reviewed as an EME revision. The other capabilities proposals, treated separately, make sense as well.

Jerry Smith

I support all three of these proposals as well, but I did author number 3 and co-author number 2.

Do we have buy in from implementers? Trying to see if Mozilla is interested.

I’m down with [1] and [3] though I have reservations about [2], but I’m happy to have a place to discuss those reservations with other interested parties.

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