[Proposal] Focus Traversal API


An EXPLAINER for the FocusTraversal API is now available at https://github.com/awesomeeng/FocusTraversalAPI/blob/master/EXPLAINER.md.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Also, suggestions on next steps welcome. In particular, how do we get the EXPLAINER in front of the correct eyeballs?



You could contact people on Twitter, which is probably the most popular social network among the people who participate in the standardization process. Try searching Twitter for posts that are related to your proposal. Just earlier today, the HTML spec editor from Google posted about trying to tackle various focus issues: https://mobile.twitter.com/domenic/status/1126686171017416704.


Yes, what @simevidas said , or in the gh itself https://github.com/whatwg/html/issues/4607 too

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@simevidas @briankardell thank you both for pointing me at that. I replied both on twitter and GH.

Also, generally I am really bad at signal boosting, which is partly why I offered the proposal here as this discourse is in theory supposed to get the proposal in front of the right eyes. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it does, thus my reason for asking for suggestions on how to get more eyeballs.

At one point I thought I read something about being able to request a mentor for your ideas here, but never been able to find that again. Would if I could.



You’ll also want to coordinate with the people at CSS WG who are working on the Spatial Navigation API. Their spec talks about a general next/previous focus traversal as a possible extension.


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@AmeliaBR: Thank you for the heads up! I posted over on their issues and await further contact.