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[Proposal] A built-in virtual scroller


<virtual-scroller> provides a scrolling “viewport” onto some content, allowing extremely large numbers of elements to exist within it, while still maintaining high performance by only paying the cost for parts of the content that are currently visible.

Virtualized content is already a popular and important pattern on the web, but it is hard to get it right. We believe that, like native platforms, the web deserves a first-class virtual scroller implementation that works out of the box.

The proposal is intended to be flexible enough to be used for various kinds of scrolling, layout mode, etc. and most importantly will allow the contents of the scroller to work with find-in-page, accessibility features, focus, fragment URL navigation, etc., just as they would in a non-virtualized context - which are common issues for other virtual scroller implementations today.

The explainer and motivation has more background and details, along with some sample code.

Currently this proposal has high engagement from web developers (1,556 Github stars, lots of activity on the issue tracker, and the Chrome Dev Summit 2018 talk video about it has 24k+ views) and we are looking to move https://github.com/valdrinkoshi/virtual-scroller into WICG.


Given the high number of GH stars, I think it’s fair to say that there’s developer interest in this. So moving the repo to WICG SGTM! :slight_smile:


The repo was moved and now lives in https://github.com/WICG/virtual-scroller

Happy incubation!! :slight_smile: