Paste a whole imagefolder in html

Hi, I suggest developing a tag to insert an entire image folder, for example for a slideshow.

What’s wrong with using multiple image tags?

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Many links to paste (need more time).

I’m not seeing the problem with that. If you were to include an entire directory, how are they ordered? What if there are non-images in the directory? How would they be displayed?

There are plenty of questions that should be answered :slight_smile:

I mean, we have simple organized folder with images, that we know and want to put in one place, witch I remembered for example. I was try to copy many filepathes by one time in one program, but how paste in src by one click… Another way, try by javascript, another time. Thank you for discuss and solving this.

Could you provide a code example that demonstrates the problem?

It described in this conversation.

What you need is probably just to use your own directory-index handler script that would output e.g. a JSON code or plain text with the data describing a list of images that the directory contains. Your web application could then use that data.

By default, you could put corresponding program code to a default index file like index.php. If needed, directory-index file can be overridden, e.g. in the Apache web-server, with the DirectoryIndex directive:

DirectoryIndex images.php

Without an index file, web servers either output a server-generated HTML list of all files the directory contains or a message about that directory listing is not available due to server settings.


Thank you, for your answer.