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OGC (geospatial standard) APIs for web use


A place to discuss the ideas brought up in a presentation by Gobe Hobona (@ghobona-ogc) of the OGC at the Maps for the Web Workshop. Specifically:

  • How to improve collaboration between OGC & the web standards / web mapping communities?
  • Do the OGC APIs meet web mapping needs? How could they be improved?

For reference:


Copying of the comments that came in on the live chat during the talk:

  • Ryan Ahola @rahola_gitlab Sep 22 06:09 More info about OGC APIs: https://ogcapi.ogc.org/

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: Is there a place in the OGC for people outside of the membership to submit issues about their specifications and discuss them? The W3C does that with gitHub Issues.

  • tguild @tguild: satakagi, I believe they similarly accept issues on their public github

    ghobona, can elaborate or provide links on contributing (now that he is done with his presentation)

  • @tguild satakagi their various repositories do indeed seem to permit and encourage raising issues, after encouraging reviewing existing ones and ensuring issue isn’t already raised

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: @tguild I’d like to discuss the OGC’s work on Vector Tile, but I don’t see that document on github.

  • tguild @tguild:


    https://github.com/opengeospatial/OGC-API-Tiles or one of the other repos in the above link

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: Specifically, this document. http://docs.opengeospatial.org/per/17-041.html

  • tguild @tguild: (depending on what you want to comment on)

  • Bryan Haberberger @thehabes: Yay! +1 for schema and LD

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: @tguild It’s probably out of scope in the repository above, as it’s an architectural and design policy issue above OGC-API-Tils.

  • tguild @tguild: satakagi, I am not certain but do not believe their engineering reports are in public github

    hoping ghobona chimes in as he can better answer. I’m with W3C not OGC

  • Ryan Ahola @rahola_gitlab: All published OGC engineering reports are available at https://www.ogc.org/docs/er

  • karenmyers @karenmyers: Does OGC have data on global adoption of the standard, particularly around meteorology?

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: @rahola_gitlab The Vector Tiles Engineering Report seems to be under this directory, isn’t it an official OGC document? http://docs.opengeospatial.org/per/

    I would like to discuss the content of that engineering report.

  • Ryan Ahola @rahola_gitlab: @satakagi, yes it is there and it is an official OGC document. There are a couple of ways to access OGC ERs.

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: I sent an email to the email address given in the document, but in the end it looked like it was ignored…

    I think that often happens unless there is a public discussion, such as a github issue.

  • Ryan Ahola @rahola_gitlab: @satakagi, it depends on the nature of the comment and the document. The one you are referencing is an ER for an OGC Testbed. Testbed ERs do not go through public commenting before being released as they aren’t formal standards documents (they reflect Testbed research outcomes).

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: @rahola_gitlab Thanks. Perhaps the discussion at the architectural level is long before it becomes a specification. I suppose that means that those discussions are not open at OGC.

  • Ryan Ahola @rahola_gitlab: @satakagi, it depends. Testbeds aren’t open because of their nature. The specific standards work is more open, but only at certain stages of the process (e.g. public commenting processes). OGC is always thinking of how to best balance openness with benefits of membership.

  • Satoru Takagi @satakagi: @rahola_gitlab I’m a member of the W3C, so I guess I’m aware of the cultural differences between the OGC and the W3C. Incidentally, I’m sure such architecture-level discussions are also widely held in the W3C, for example, in the WICG.

  • Ryan Ahola @rahola_gitlab: FYI if anyone wants to be informed of OGC activities, you can see press releases at https://www.ogc.org/pressroom/pressreleases. All requests for public comment are posted here (see recent ones for OGC API-Processes and EDR).

There was also more related discussion in the chat later in the day