New Spec Request: Select most appropriate image

Manifest, Notifications, Payment Handler, Credential Management, and Background Fetch all have the concept of a list of icons + metadata, and the browser fetches the most appropriate one.

There’s a lot of repetition in these spec, so I’m proposing we abstract it out into its own spec.

The discussion started here

I guess the spec could be “Image Resource”, and would cover:

  • The structure of an image resource.
  • Selecting an appropriate image resource from a list.
  • Fetching the resource.

Each of these will have hooks allowing specs to tweak the fetching, extend the interface, and tweak the criteria for selecting a resource.


I’d be super supportive of this. Seems like a great primitive to have.

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Spun up as there are quite a few of us interested in working on this.

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I guess I’m finally gonna have to learn respec :grinning: