Name #663399 "Becca Purple" in CSS4 Color?


Of course, giving out the reasons behind your opinions is indeed very useful, as you said, which is also what I tried to do with the extra three paragraphs. To further clarify, I was trying to point out why ‘the poster lacking compassion’ is not a rather sound argument because the absurd result that follows: one’d either lack compassion or that he/she must say yes to the proposal.

I feel people are a little carried away while we are on this subject: there are valid points of discussion on either side which I won’t reiterate again; however, questioning other poster’s integrity seem a little excessive, at least to me. This is what I was hoping people could stand back from. I’m all for constructive discussions. (and a person being lack of compassion and evil doesn’t even make his/her opinions inherently wrong anyway.)


Some folks seem to be eager for a debate here, but a +1 and a -1 both count for—predictably enough—one vote. A few of you are highly outspoken about feeling like this is inappropriate, despite a lack of specific technical concerns, and that’s fine. Several hundred people in this thread feel this is appropriate, and that’s fine also. Consider your votes counted.

As an aside: if anyone has some issue with me, I encourage you to take that up with me in another venue.


Okay. I’m hopelessly infected by this, so I have to reply.

I didn’t know that we’ve been voting, but that’s fine. However, I’m curious about your opinion. I don’t understand why you are asking for technical concerns. Was this a technical problem to begin with?

And if you must, adding a new color name slows down the browser; there’s no way that something can be just put in for free. It might be infinitesimal on individual cases, but significant considering the entire population of browsers affected. Now where does this extra computation power go? Do they do anything helpful? Where is the technical benefit? If the benefit is non-technical, can we then talk about non-technical concerns?

In fact, I see many other “technical concerns” listed above, too (“CSS color list should not be an obituary"); maybe they aren’t the kind you are referring to. I have been wondering what kind of technical concern actually counts and would change your mind. Would you reconsider it if the new color name delays every page load by an extra 1s? Or how much does it have to be? Are we doing this just because it is a small enough price that we’ll have to pay and do not care? (Actually, would you mind adding a few other names while we are at it? I suppose there is a lack of specific technical concerns.)

I do not actually think the above is a good enough reason to not add the color name because technicality is quite irrelevant on this subject, but since you mentioned very specifically about technical concerns, here you go. I hope to be enlightened in case I missed something.


This forum exists to gauge developer interest in a feature. Nothing gets decided here. There is no one you need to convince, here.

Clearly a few highly vocal people have strong negative feelings about this, and that’s fine—lots of people have strong feelings about this. But this is not a debate. It would not matter if you changed my mind. You have voiced your disapproval, and posting twenty comments on the subject does not change anything. You have said your part.

Despite this outspoken few, the web development community is massively in favor of this addition, and all four of the major rendering engines have written the code to make it happen. I’m sorry that this is upsetting for some of you, but here we are.

Feel free to continue commenting here, of course, if you should really feel the need.


The few of us behind the Specifiction curtains have all been very moved to see how the community reacted and came together around this proposal. At this point the proposal has been taken to the CSS WG, all major browser engines are ready to implement, and the decision is entirely left in the hands of Eric and his family.

Because of this, we have decided to close this topic. It will, of course, remain online but new replies are no longer allowed.

Thank you all for your kindness and compassion.