Name #663399 "Becca Purple" in CSS4 Color?

I’m not sure about how one goes adding names to CSS colors, and what the specific purpose they fulfill, but I think it would be a good recognition of @meyerweb impact on CSS, and a way to recognize that standardization is first and foremost a social process, to name #663399 color “Becca Purple”.


Maybe “becca” or “beccapurple” in the table of named colours?

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Unequivocal +1 to making #663399 officially beccapurple.


+1 as well. I like beccapurple.

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+1 most.excellent proposal i have seen in a long time

Major +1. Wouldn’t be where I am today without CSS: The Definitive Guide.

+1 here as well, but I’m thinking BeccaPurple (with uppercases) like the extant DarkBlue (?)

I am all for it. I’ll most definitely never forget which color #66339 is but beccapurple sounds so much better.

I’d like to add my voice in support +1

Making #663399 officially BeccaPurple: +1

+1 to this- it’s another little thing, but a very cool thing

+1 beccapurple - Let’s make this happen.

This is a lovely idea.

+1 for beccapurple.

+1 for beccapurple

+1 for it too. This is a really lovely idea.

Emphatic +1 for #663399 being “BeccaPurple”.

+1 — Definitely for making #663399 BeccaPurple

Double plus 1 good - #663399 BeccaPurple

What a wonderfully fitting way to honor her memory. Colossal +1.