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Multiple ::before and ::after pseudo elements?


According to Chris Coyier over on CSS-Tricks (back in 2012) this used to be an existing spec. Apparently Alan Stearns took over the spec, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the latest spec for generated content.

I’m confident this has been discussed at length somewhere and my Google skills just aren’t up to the task of finding it. Since I’m not sure where that is and I don’t see an existing topic on this specific issue, hopefully it’s fine to ask it here.

The aforementioned CSS Tricks article does a pretty good job of showing the benefits. I think we can all agree that eliminating superfluous elements is a good thing.

Does this spec still exist? Are they still needing practical examples or are there technical challenges that need to be addressed? Do we know what’s holding this one up?

Any links or information would be appreciated!