Migration completed

The migration has now completed. Update your bookmarks (for the few people who still use those) to http://discourse.wicg.io/. Redirects are being setup…

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*.io ?

Thanks for getting this sorted.

Can you update the note on http://discuss.webplatform.org/ with the correct address too as it was mentioned at the TAG meeting the other day.

Thanks, fixed.

The result of all the discussions is that there may or may not be a Discourse instance up on webplatform.org or w3.org some day, possibly for something else, e.g. for matters specific to some groups or the such. But the WICG was 1) relevant and 2) lining up the JFDI to make the move happen now. So it has happened.

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Thanks this is great!

The top notice on this thread is still .org.

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Uh, http://discourse.specifiction.org and http://specifiction.org are still redirecting to wicg.org. This appears to have been fixed.

It’s generally a bad practice to include the name of exact server-side engine to domain name (“discourse” in this case):

domain name should not become irrelevant/pointless if site will, for example, switch to another engine or the original engine itself gets renamed.

So it’s probably better to use a more neutral and informative domain name like “forum”. It’s also easier to type btw.

As for the rest, congratulations, though I would prefer a dedicated engine programmed exactly for W3C purposes and seamlessly integrated with other functionality of W3C like bug-tracker, proposals tracker, public poll system, user profiles, etc. But, well, this is probably at least somewhat better than mailing lists.

FWIW, specifiction.org and discourse.specifiction.org are now redirecting to nonworking http://discourse.wicg.org///.

Also, wicg.io and discourse.wicg.io are mirrors of each other. It makes sense either to make wicg.io the only URL of these forums, or setup a server-side redirection from one to another.

Yeah, I think http://wicg.io not redirecting to the canonical http://discourse.wicg.io is causing GitHub authentication to break (due to the redirect URL not matching the one defined in the app if trying to auth from wicg.io).

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.