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Maps or link to maps


It would be useful to have a way to display a map or link to a map.

Currently most websites use an embed or direct link to Google Maps, but this is specific for Google (not a standard) and comes with possible restrictions.

It would be interesting to allow the device to decide what app use for maps.

I see two alternatives:

  1. Add a protocol like location: to a elements (something similar to tel:, mailto:) and the browser decides which is the app to open
  2. Add a new element to HTML to display a map

The Maps4HTML Community Group is currently writing up Use Cases and Requirements for Standardizing Web Maps, and have a <map> element proposal to allow for interactive native web maps.

See the WICG proposal.

You’re welcome to join the Maps4HTML Community Group and share your thoughts and use cases! :slight_smile:

/cc @prushforth


As @Malvoz mentioned, we’re iterating on use cases and requirements. I built a set of custom elements which demonstrate your item 2, I believe. http://geogratis.gc.ca/mapml/en/cbmtile/

In any case please do join us and contribute your ideas!