Maps and the extensible web model

Duing the Maps for the Web workshop, Brian Kardell (@briankardell) gave a talk on “Extending the Web: Maps, The Commons, and Pie”, about how standardizing web maps needs to fit into the web platform process & priorities.

There’s lots of discussion on discourse about extending the web in general, but I’d like to continue the discussion here about how that affects web map standardization potential.

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Here are some comments from the live chat during Brian’s presentation:

  • Fred Esch @fredesch: Seems like Brian is talking about React…

  • Amelia Bellamy-Royds @AmeliaBR: I don’t think he meant to suggest React components, but rather standard web components! (but if we can make React components easier to make user friendly, too, that wouldn’t be bad…)

  • baditaflorin @baditaflorin: [re non-geo use cases] And group maps, for class/school/ teams, Collaborative group maps To see one use-case, this is what I did at the university where I was, so that students can call persons when they are in other parts of the city if they want to meet with a fellow student at home or where they work

openui is trying to document a kind of open design agreement for many things - that might also be interesting, short of, or as a step to a standard map viewer if it seems that there are common web map styling needs, or scripting/coordination needs

Thank you for the talk, it was a valuable introduction to the many material concerns that affect the development of standards, and also made me hungry for pie.

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