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Maps and augmented reality


At the Maps for the Web workshop, we held a panel discussion about the very interesting possibilities surrounding extending the Web to include augmented reality use cases. The panel touched on accessibility considerations and other considerations, such as the continuum from Web maps to AR.

Our panel included Thomas Logan, Ada Rose Canon, Jan-Erik Vinje, Patrick Cozzi and Christine Perey. The panel was moderated by Ryan Ahola.

A video of the panel is here.

Please share your thoughts the panel below.


It was a very interesting panel. Thanks to the host and the panelists.
I certainly agree with the need for good authoring tools.

My interest is the application of map AR to improve aerospace safety discussions and accident investigation. Being able to overlay elements and quickly note features and collate evidence would be very useful for investigators. On the review side once an AR map enabled incident has been created it would be an excellent venue for walking operators and pilots through the specific of an incident. In addition I look forward to the ability to data mine submitted incident models to look for common factors. So there’s 3 usage modes for aero maps in webxr. Authoring, reviewing, and multi map analysis.