Map Markup Language


A draft specification for this new format is available, and I am greatly interested in your views about it. It is based on HTML and MicroXML syntax. As such it is designed to be consumed by browser-like applications. There is currently a custom element prototype client.

The objective of the format is to capture map semantics, such that a client can consume the format and present a map if desired.

You can find the draft spec here. If you would like to contribute, you are welcome to fork it etc., but I would be grateful if you joined the Maps for HTML CG, or WICG for substantive contributions.

I’m happy to answer questions here as best I can.

Thank you.

Cheers, Peter Rushforth


FWIW, the repeating “Unofficial draft” background makes it quite hard to read the text.


Sorry about that! Fixed.



Hi, There’s a new version of MapML available, that takes into account some of the discussion we had during OGC Testbed 13.

We’ve added a <template> element as an alternative to the extent@action attribute.

The <template> element allows the map author to describe a tile cache or an image service that uses a URL template for access to tiles and images. The <template> variables must be listed as <input&gt elements of the appropriate type.

This facility makes it easy to create a static MapML document that can describe a global dataset with multiple layers, without needing a specialized MapML service.

I would be very interested in any comments you might have.

Thanks! Peter

[Proposal] Expose GeoLocation to Service Workers

We have replaced the <template> element with a templated <link> element. For example (view source link)