Input type=token

Mobile browsers use autocorrection and autocapitalization on input elements of type “text”; that’s OK in some cases, but really annoying in others. They can be disabled with (so far proprietary) attributes autocorrect and autocapitalize.

Should these attributes be standardized? Should we have a specific input type for text input that is specifically not meant to be capitalized and auto-corrected (e.g. login names)? like <input type=token>?


I would argue that a specific input type won’t scale somewhat and more attributes / standardised ones would be better.

I would also like to point out for anything like login credentials the Credentials Management API will hopefully solve us caring about this in the long run :smiley:

There’s also autocomplete and spellcheck.

Attributes seem to make sense here, as site authors might want this to apply to multiple input types or elements, like textareas or contenteditable fields or the like.

Don’t start me on my usual office rant about the standardisation between these attributes :smile:

This is already some progress on that front:

I wouldn’t mind an input attribute that just across-the-board states “all special behaviors that manipulate the value of this field to be something other than the exact character sequence entered by the user should be inhibited”.

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