Improving specifiction/discourse UI

there are accessibility/usability issues with the discourse UI, I see its open source and on github. Is your instance (robin) public?

I think the best course of action here is to open pull requests or issues on the actual Discourse software, and we can upgrade this instance to new versions as they become available. That way the entire web gets the accessibility and usability benefits, and we don’t fork the project unnecessarily.

It seems they only allow pull requests via Github, not simple bug reports. You could ask where to report usability issues.

sure, sounds reasonable. seems to be the appropriate place.

@SteveF I’m not sure what you mean by public, do you mean can it be hacked? If so, the answer is “no” in the sense that I am just running 100% vanilla Discourse. And I really don’t want to have to fork it — it works really well out of the box and most nicely it pretty much just updates itself.

As others have indicated, Meta is the right place to report this. I am very sure that they would be happy to work on making sure Discourse is accessible. I can’t say I know them well, but what interactions I’ve had with them show they’re really nice people.

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yeah agree that the way to go is fix the source where needed. Now only need to find some time to do that. Want to ensure that this place is as open as possible for all :slight_smile: