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HTML6 Standards


Hello Everyone,

Would you brief me which standards are accepted for HTML6 which is not. Is there a topic or place to discuss about HTML6 standards, may be some direct contact with authors/directors of HTML6 standards may help us too. Also how and who decide those standards? Any vote system ? Discuss in a council or meeting ? Release date ? I read some notes from web but I want to ask to core of those standards to confirm officially.

Thanks for help


Dr.Yilmaz Yoru


There is no HTML 6. HTML5 is a living standard though the W3C publish point releases on the spec, this release is more about versioning the spec document at certain points of completeness than being a version of the language or feature set.

Also of note is that the web platform as a whole is a combination of various specs and more than just HTML… Each of these is discussed separately and while there is some cross over between members and contributors they are relatively separate.

With how the web evolves the idea of finite versions for the web don’t really make sense with features getting added basically as they are done and differing browsers implementing them in different orders, you can realistically only talk about specific features.

Standards are decided by a wide variety of people with various positions. The W3C itself is a key player but direct involvement of the browser vendors outside the W3C play a big role. Some features started in the community and are championed up to the W3C. Decisions ultimately come down to vendors as an unimplemented spec isn’t worth the bytes it’s stored on. Some vendors play more with the community than others (eg Microsoft has come a long way round from the IE6 days whereas Apple have gone the other way).


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I love your enthusiasm for wanting to stay ahead but there is no HTML6 , HTML5 is a living standard and to get recent updates you will have to visit w3c.com , and to actually be part of the contributing to new standards if there were to be an HTML6 you have to register to be a member at W3C which will of course attract a fee yearly seems like a pretty hefty amount to me though even though Small scale enterprises have it at a low cost I cant afford to join , so I wait till its out and apply it to my work , but if you would be able to pay the yearly fee and join it seems you will be ahead of the compitition and adjust quickly , for more information visit w3c.org


Help is very welcome on the HTML Github repo:

We’re happy for people to file issues, propose and discuss solutions, as well as submit PRs to help make the spec better.

If you’re not a W3C member then your PR isn’t covered by the W3C Patent Policy (which makes sure HTML remains royalty free for everyone to use for always). We’ll then just ask you to confirm that you’re making your PR on the same patent free basis (which takes a few minutes), and that’s that.

People who actively contribute on a regular and productive basis can be asked to join the Web Platform WG as an Invited Expert (IE). One of the current HTML editors is an IE for example.