HTML Quotation and Citation Elements from fragmented texts

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1. feature-name

HTML Quotation and Citation Elements from fragmented texts

2. feature-description

I would like to HTML Quotation and Citation Elements from fragmented texts

2.1 Why?

  1. “EVERY DOCUMENT CAN CONTAIN LINKS OF ANY TYPE INCLUDING VIRTUAL COPIES (TRANSCLUSIONS) TO ANY OTHER DOCUMENT IN THE SYSTEM ACCESSIBLE TO ITS OWNER. (6)” Nelson imagined not just being able to link to other documents, but to include and attribute, seamlessly, content from them. This was implemented, partially, by the html <iframe> in 1997, but iframes are notoriously unstable and are not universally supported.
  2. My idea would be to quote the fragmented texts through urls.
  3. Maybe this process is partially corrected by quoting with urls, something like an iframe but used in context to quote things and not the whole page of html content.
2.1 source-code: before
<blockquote cite="">
Running the Docker container
2.2 source-code: after
<!--- input --->
<blockquote cite=",container">
<!--- output: "Running the Docker container" is render here --->
3. Notes
  1. blockquote with attribute cite with fragmented texts is “Xanalinks are nothing like weblinks, which are embedded and hierarchical. A xanalink is a separate file, a table of connection, saying what parts of what documents to connect to what parts of other documents.”
  2. My goal here is to improve HTML and not criticize anyone
  3. I like to help everyone and I researched a lot to propose this idea and I would like to listen to everyone to see if this idea is good or bad
  4. blockquote with attribute cite with fragmented texts is an alternative iframe.
  5. It should be possible to include only text and not images or other types of data.
4. references
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If the quoted website removed the quoted text, that would break this feature. I think the quoted text should be included directly in the HTML document.

That being said, I would love if browsers actually started using the cite attribute to allow users to navigate to the page that contains the quote.


thank you feedback! it’s very nice of you to read the idea and comment

@simevidas Is it possible to integrate the Internet Archive Wayback Machice project to avoid broken links in blockquote ?

A website could do that, but I’m not sure that it would be a complete solution.

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@simevidas I found this link that talks about the idea here on commonmark: Proposal to allow specifying a text snippet in a URL fragment inside blockquotes in CommonMarkdown - Implementation - CommonMark Discussion

  • the justification would be to use it in local technical documents. that is, imagine that you have several files and need to check certain specific contents - the best way would be to use an enclosed citation that way you can quickly search documents with that specific passage and if it was modified or not.

Well, that’s a strange post. That person is proposing something and then asking if it’s already possible.

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