How can I make my account public and anonymous here?

Hey, guys.

I would like to ask whoever runs the forum to make my account public and anonymous. Contributes with some ideas about technical specifications of html, css, js. I ask that my account be public and anonymous, considering that I no longer want to be part of this group as I don’t have time to help.

I am doing this, as I said at the beginning, due to lack of time and ideas. For example, I had a lot of ideas and suggestions. And thinking about it, I wonder if I was collaborating or not in some way. As I reflect on this, I don’t think I can help. In this sense, I would like to keep my name anonymous for privacy reasons, but leave the posts publicly in case anyone wants to read or criticize.

I ask anyone who can help me to make my account public and anonymous. So, this is something I would like. I make this request for privacy reasons as well as a personal request. And because, it contributes in some way.

Also, there may be users like me who would like to make the account public and anonymous. Maybe for similar reasons or not.

I believe that this post is important to clarify whether it is possible to make this request possible or not.

Is this not already possible? All messages left on the forum are already public by default. And wouldn’t creating an account with a throwaway username make one anonymous and personally unidentifiable?

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