Getting rid of cookie warnings

I agree an attribute would be a better option.

I can throw together a quick Chrome extension if people are interested, but I don’t think it’s necessary (the implementation is fairly obvious). All it would really take is a CSS property added to each page hiding *[cookie-warning], or something similar.

Fair enough, I guess it would just need to be recognised and then it can be removed. Then it just needs marketing. Damn, I’m rubbish at marketing.

Exactly. The problem isn’t the implementation, that’s the easiest thing any of us have ever done. The problem is getting vendors on board, and then individual sites to flag their warnings. I imagine site owners will do it, as it is annoying (and they know it), so the only true “problem” lies with the vendors.

This can so easily be done in an extension that I don’t believe that we need vendor buy-in. It does not have to affect default browser behaviour.

The most helpful thing at this point would be to put together a one-page spec.

True, but how many sites would use this if it weren’t implemented in browsers? I don’t know the answer to that question.

I have no experience in writing specs, so I’ll leave that up to someone else (assuming others are interested).

Edit: I just created and published a Chrome extension that automatically injects the CSS *[cookie-warning]{display:none;} on every page. If you’re interested, it’s here. Obviously no one uses this attribute at the moment, but it took basically no time at all to make.