Fluid Responsive Merge of Concerns and Technologies

Hey peeps, I’m here to break through this moat of ignorance and get to old money as quickly as possible. So, here it goes:

We suggest that the browser be a scripting engine foremost, and then plug that into the rendering, so we can script pixels. After this low-level access, then we add a scripting styling engine, really an extrapolation of these pixels, where we are able to abstract the presentation into attributes. Once we have scripted attribute abstraction, we can perform preliminary processing to add variability into that abstraction. Then once this is done, we add a data handler, really an interface for the presentation manifest. We standardize these interfaces and then allow people to override the default implementations. Right? This way people can customize other people’s web sites at scale safely and securely, if they are willing to make the prime number calculation trade off with number-once-s. Right?

Super legit. Now point in the right direction.

-HyperSpec, out!

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