File extension association

We make Construct 3, a large desktop PWA at It works great, especially when you do “Add to desktop” in Chrome - it looks and feels a lot like a native desktop app.

However one problem our users run in to is file extension association. Construct 3 saves user’s data to a .c3p file. Users are very familiar with double-clicking a file to open it, but double-clicking a .c3p file does nothing. This can leave them with the impression it’s broken. We support loading via drag-and-drop, but not everyone thinks of that.

As far as I’m aware, it’s simply impossible to set up this file association. We need a way to set up a file extension association to meet user expectation and reach parity with our old native desktop app.

It would be great if we could do something like navigator.registerFileExtension(".c3p", ""). Obviously this would need a permission prompt at a minimum. Then the browser would create the OS file extension association. Ideally we could specify an icon too.

Double-clicking a .c3p file could then go through a process like this:

  • Launch the browser
  • Navigate to the registered URL
  • Provide the File object in a variable, e.g. navigator.fileToOpen. The web app can look for this variable when it loads and open it automatically if it is found. This is much like the existing drag-and-drop API but simply making a file available on startup.

Now the user can double-click a .c3p file and have it open in our web app. Could a feature like this be specced?


Would this make sense to go in the web app manifest? It seems closely related to the goals of that.

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Yeah, that seems like a reasonable place to put this.

This would be a useful feature, but without a writable files api users will still need to manually hassle with exporting.

We use the a@download attribute to download user content to .c3p files. This alone has been enough to highlight the file extension association problem.

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